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55, male, Divorced

Poznan, Poland

My name is Miller,from Battle Creek Michigan USA. I am working under special assignment with the US Military here in Iraq. I have been around on this dating site for a while but nothing real has happened, i am Divorced ..I am a friendly, passionate, happy soul at peace & fulfilled within my own life. I believe in leading a compassionate, conscious lifestyle with loving respect for the earth and all of her beings.

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44, female, Single

South Yarra, Australia

Im 26, work in the fashion design area. Dont know many people in Melb and am keen to chat and possibly meet people with similiar interests. I enjoy watching live comedy and music, trying out new places to eat (which I cant wait for!!) but also chilling at home.Im new to the whole online dating thing but sick of the endless disappointments in going out, meeting friends of friends and putting up fake pretences to get thru the night! Hope to upload a pic soon!

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37, male, Single

Chak 395 Jb , Pakistan

Assalam o Alikum to all my friend i hope u well now Interested in: Friends Dating Serious Relationship Networking okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”

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58, female, Divorced

Inyokern, United States

I am new to online dating and meeting please be patient with me. I am affectionate, honest, out-going, fun-loving gal. I am looking for that guy who wants a forever friend and possibly more. The guy that doesn't want to argue,...the guy who knows who he is and what he wants out of life.

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43, male, Single

Rockland, United States

Hello. I really like to talk. Conversation is very important to me. I have many thoughts, and I love to hear the thoughts of others. I resonate with William Blake's words:"To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour"However, I will keep this description short, because I prefer individual messages. I believe there is much more to a person than a collection of biographical facts and trivia, and that the best and truest parts of a person emerge with interaction - like a dance.I'm primarily interested in platonic relationships at the moment, rather than romantic. I continually try to make friends when I'm out and about, and I don't object to using a dating site as part of that enterprise. I also believe that friend-relationships between (hetero) men and women have an interesting dynamic, that tends to be stronger, and I enjoy that intensity. In any case, that's one reason I'm on here.

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