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Dating Prospect shogunrowena

Poblacion (Salegseg), Philippines

Dating Prospect adz

Malangag, Philippines

Dating Prospect alexblack

Nabataan, Philippines

Dating Prospect elisapich

Srama, Cambodia

Dating Prospect rifat

Mirpur, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dating Prospect yamin20

Demra, Bangladesh

Dating Prospect symphony

Katalicanan, Philippines

Dating Prospect jazzy

Butao, Philippines

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31, male, Single

Kurten, United States

I am a young american guy that likes Asian people, hehehe... That's why I am joining this dating place..! I just hope to visit Indonesia one day and let see if I can meet someone here :)

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25, male, Single

Mendawai, Indonesia

i'm indonesia and i'm chinese, but i handsome

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25, male, Single

Leuwigoong, Indonesia

i am Yoga i from indonesia i am traveler , i live in cianjur my age is 18 years old , i am single i don't have girlfriend , i looking a girlfiend or friedn from rusia because booring with indonesiam girl , if you come to indonesia you can meet with me at cianjur , west java , currently i finishing my school , i have plan for traveling

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55, male, Single

Kuta, Indonesia

I'm interested about Italy and far eastern countries.I have visited Italy,Philippines, Indonesia and Hong kong.I'm in Bali until Sunday 23 of October.

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27, male, Single

Babakan Pasar, Indonesia

Hi I'm Riana I'm such ordinary girl from Indonesia I like to meet with all of people around the world cause its awesome, I love cooking singing travelling and eating

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Dating Prospect angela

Poblacion I (Purok I), Philippines

Dating Prospect sarah

Abiansemal, Bali, Denpasar, Indonesia

Dating Prospect leeyang256

Dorim-dong, Korea South

Dating Prospect kelik

Godean, Indonesia

Dating Prospect rashya85

Cilandak, Indonesia

Dating Prospect blessedhope27

Nabataan, Philippines

Dating Prospect gunturreynaldi

Denpasar Barat, Indonesia

Dating Prospect annesweety14

Pelaez (Don Gregorio Pelaez), Philippines

Dating Prospect cokdavid

Balikpapan Barat, Indonesia

Dating Prospect paulina

Pondok Aren, Indonesia

Dating Prospect loung

Falvling, China

Dating Prospect tyalope

Bendungan Hilir, Indonesia

Dating Prospect jazz

Sangalang, Philippines

Dating Prospect johns182

Nabataan, Philippines

Dating Prospect tata

Central Manila, National Capital Region (NCR), Philippines

Dating Prospect xian

Lam-an, Philippines


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