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33, male, Single

Taylorville, United States

Hi my name is corey. I am looking for a girl who is honest. I have been hurt too many times from being used. I have dated girls who playedWith my emotions and have been screwed up from dating a sociopath. I am a very caring person which at times I feel is one of my downfalls of why I get used.

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40, female, Single

Triplett, United States

am new here and dont really know much about this online dating site wish i meet the honest and right man..

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32, female, Single

Herndon, United States

hello sick for a good lovely friendship marriage and dating so i will like to a true love of my dreams thta we will shaw our dreams to each other and see how we can end up, so i;m here to find a good relationship.

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40, male, Single

Olomometa, Nigeria

I am 31 and serving Jesus Christ as missionary in Cameroon - West Africa. I am looking for a marriage partner who is God fearing and who will be willing to join me in service with and for God through humanitarian service to mankind. I reserve the physical qualities of the type of woman I want to myself. But I preferably I need a woman who shares if not all, at least some of the following values:Love, Respect, Humility, Hard work, Mutuality in decision making (consultancy) amongst a couple, Tolerance and Forgiveness, Honor, Sacrifice, Quality Time, Fidelity, Dialogue, Monogamy, Appreciation, Femininity and lastly Romance. I could elaborate on these values but the space provided for registering on this dating site does not allow for me to do so. You need to know more about me and what my thoughts are with respect to the above listed values, then write me...Thanks.

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37, male, Single

London, United Kingdom

HiI am a self employed woodworker, based in S/SE London, looking for dating and relationships. When not gluing bits back onto churches I like: Early music - ideally 14th - 16th century and almost un-singable, the odder the better. Politics - Unreconstructed socialist who never got the memo about giving up. Reading - At least 3 books on the go at any time, one of which will generally be conspicuously trashier than the rest More music - Jazz, rock/metal, 70s hippy crap, something out of almost every genre.

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