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Ch'agong-nyong, Korea North

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Maglaoi Sur, Philippines

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Doun Reach, Cambodia

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Chenhu Villages, China

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Char Ung Kao, Cambodia

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Poblacion, Philippines

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Banyuwangi, Indonesia

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28, female, Single

Towner, United States

I'm 21 struggling actress/singer big dreams possible that i may sign up for a talent competition i'm very talented funny smart and kind :)

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65, male, Widowed

Raleigh, United States

I'm Military officer always looking forward to the future and finding the good and fun parts of it. I'm extremely confident but I know my shortcomings. I know to admit when I'm wrong. I don't have enough fingers for all the pies I want to get my fingers into. I'm privileged to have a lot of diverse friends from all walks of life. I get passionately involved in my big interests in my life. I like sun more than snow. I prefer character to cute, i like watching News,football soccer and a movies. I know how to treat a woman with a respect. I'm affectionate, have my romantic but original moments, appreciate fun and funny. I will love the one I'm with more each day than I did the day before. I will trust and respect her, laugh and cry with her, loving her faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face. I don't believe in jealousy, though some say it's a sign of love, I say, it's a show of insecurity, for if you love someone you have to trust them unconditionally.

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61, male, Widowed

Bradenton Beach, United States

We dance for a reason. We look for a reason. The eyes are the windows of the soul, the divine essence in all of us. The soul knows what it is looking for when it sees it. We are programmed for recognition. Our mirror neurons search for congruence. I am a spirit being having a human experience, looking for a partner to move through this earth school with together. I am very simple. I am calling forward from the Universe a DIVINE UNION with three qualities: 1. Chemistry. Its kind of like in real-estate, rule # 1 is location, location, location. Well, rule #1 in romance is chemistry, chemistry, chemistry. Resonating chemistry recognizes itself instantaneously. It must be of equal intensity and exchanged synergistic in order for it to maintain its health as a union. 2. Compatibility. We enjoy each others company. We like being together. We explore the physical, social, spiritual, psychological and intellectual realms together in harmony with the universe. We are really good friends. 3. Communication. Heart Felt Sharing. Soul Centered Listening. These ingredients shine light ahead on the path of a deep loving connection of Synchronized Monogamous Bliss. I choose "Monogamous Bliss" over "marriage" any day of the week. In fact, Match should add another category - Monogamous Bliss :) ... Sign me up for that one:) ... That being said, I am open to the idea of getting married. I am deeply in touch with my Divine feelings and am calling forward my Soul Mate/Twin Flame. When I am in relationship, I am extraordinary faithful and dedicated to the union. I feel blessed to be on this earth school journey. A deep, soulful connection and romantic partnership would bring my bliss full circle.

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38, male, Single

Dublin, Ireland

Hey, I just came across this website now and thought I would sign up and see if I can hopefully meet a nice, genuine girl and see how things go!

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64, male, Widowed

Murtaugh, United States

Guess in a nutshell, I try to be a good person, giving to others and always there for a helping hand. I am honest, hard working, compassionate and independent. I always seem to have a smile on my face and pep in my step (most of the time). I am an optimist looking at the glass as half full, not half empty. Enjoying life is very important to me. The simplest things are the best, the sunrise, sunset or the laughter of a child. I do enjoy traveling, I have many wonderful people in my life, but I am ready for a special person who compliments who I am. I am open to new experiences and would love to have someone in my life to share this beautiful world in which we live. Honesty is really important to me. I have to be able to have respect for the person I am looking for. I want someone who is comfortable with herself and who cares enough about herself to have confidence. I don't need someone to make me happy, but I would love someone to share my happiness.(geeks are good!) I like someone who can easily joke around with me, but still can have an intelligent, reasoned conversation. I also like seeing a man helping and being kind to others. In my mind, chivalry is not dead. I'm an independent man who likes to take the initiative . To me, it's a sign of confidence and a bit of a throw back to old fashioned ways.I love being on both the giving and receiving end of romantic gestures, and I believe they can make or break a relationship. That, along with someone who takes care of herself, has a sense of humor, enjoys a little spontaneity and playfulness, can be relied upon to do she says.....not asking for much, huh? But I believe we all want many of these same things and the right relationship nurtures these qualities in us.I am hoping to find someone who is spontaneous, adventurous, and appreciative of all there is to do, see, experience, in this beautiful world .

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Ko Pa Te, Myanmar

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Thamaw Chaung, Myanmar

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Plaridel, Philippines

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Butao, Philippines

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Pelaez (Don Gregorio Pelaez), Philippines

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Ugbon, Philippines

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Baybay, Philippines

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Acacia, Davao Region (Region XI), Davao del Sur, Philippines

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Malagap, Philippines

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Ahyeon-dong, Seoul, Mapo-gu, Korea South

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Gendaria, Bangladesh

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Malangag, Philippines

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Batiocan, Philippines

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Wanrong Township, Taiwan

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Taman Bukit Desa (Jalan Klang Lama), Malaysia

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Adlaon, Central Visayas (Region VII), Cebu, Philippines


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