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Zone I Pob. (Barangay 1), Philippines

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Tungngod, Philippines

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Baybay, Philippines

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Chhilonia, Bangladesh

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43, female, Widowed

Tampa, United States

Well I am a nice single mother of 4 3 living with my mom. all around someone that would give the shirt off his back to almost anyone. I help my friends whenever they need me. I like to read, play games, watch movies, go for walks and long bike rides. I do get lazy from time to time. I love my Job because that is what makes me a mother to my children and a daughter to my Mom.Am not interested in having kids again,i just need a man i can spend the rest of my life with that is why i need a matured man not boys, some i can go to beach with take a work with,spend time in beach have a long walk together and enjoy the rest of our lifes. I love someone who is business Oriented someone who has a very large mind set of getting impossible thing Possible. Am not looking for a Rich guy or someone who dont have children. If you have children or a child you are most welcome if you dont have you are still welcome but if you are hoping i have one for you too Bad i gat no time for raising children again. I gave birth at my early Age so now i need to enjoy and watch my children Grow.Please after reading this DONT BE SCARED OF ME, Approach me and i will answer you then get to know more about each other. Welcome!!!!

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56, male, Widowed

Oberkutterau, Germany

I am a very simple and laid-back person who prefers very simple things in life from what I wear, to what I eat and do. I am very easy to please. I can be happy with simple things... good food, good music, a good movie, a nice and quiet place, good company, good conversations... but I can easily adapt to environments and situations. I am very hardworking and devoted (both to my loved ones and to what I do), warm, caring, thoughtful. I love the outdoors and enjoy travelling, but I am more of a homebody than a party person.I am hoping to meet someone who won’t prejudge me or my reputation just because I am on this site, but who will take the opportunity to get to know the real person behind the profile instead... a man who is honest, faithful, patient, kind, responsible, down-to-earth, intelligent, with a good sense of humor... someone who has the same interests as mine and who would like to share them with me as I would also share his... a best friend and confidante, a friend and partner for life and beyond...I may not have the handsome face for you to look at,, but I have the biggest heart to love you with.

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53, male, Single

Tallinn, Estonia

I want a woman pretty, normal, balanced and intelligent, who is free and likes to have a partner,I would not be exigent about marriage or tied relationship if she wants, and I would be comprehensive about marriage is she wants in long-term,a woman who wants her and gets up to resolve his life everyday with mutual support of her partner

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52, male, Divorced

Raleigh, United States

I think world gives you what you are asking for and I always ask more true friends in my life, more smiles, more discovering. I live how I want to live and like to be myself. I am open person. This is my main characteristic. I must say I love to win and accept defeats. I value honest and sincere people, caring, open and cheerful. I am always ready share, listen, help, and care if I can. I don't like greedy and dishonest people. I prefer to be an optimist and decide all difficulties with smile on my face because I am sure life will smile back to me in answer.

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50, female, Single

Northville Township, United States

I am an attractive singer/songwriter performer. I work as an executive assistant during the day and at night I teach aerobics. I also perform in the MD/DC area. I love to help others and live life to the fullest. I love to travel, dine, dance, movies, the theater, etc. I am a compassionate and supportive soul. I am spiritual. I love a good conversation and I am looking for someone that can make me laugh as well.

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