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Pondok Aren, Indonesia

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Weizhuang Township, China

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Pujon'gangjei-suryokpalchonso, Korea North

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Semarang Utara, Indonesia

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Maglaoi Sur, Philippines

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26, female, Single

Khorat, Thailand

i'm just a girl who got depressed so easy. i don't know way to fix it. everyguy i was dating too can't stand with me. because i'm always being silly.

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52, female, Single

Cambria, United States

I am new to the dating game. I'm a laid back fun person looking to have fun and conversation.

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66, male, Divorced

Belmar, United States

I'm single by divorce with no children as of several years ago.. I love God, family values, the great outdoors, sports, animals, laughter, absorbing other cultures, languages and dialects and right after the God part, I'd so love the lady of my dreams.. If I do this right she'll be the sole, earthly possessor of my heart in sweet romance (Forever) ..My plan is that she'll be by my side, somehow, someway forever ( and that means yes, after a time, if she'd have me I would surely marry her).. The sweet fragrance of her life, of her heart and soul would be to me as the two dozen roses (or whatever her favorite flowers) that I'd always give her.. It's absolutely of no importance to me my love's race, culture or nationality, because I believe that love is a universal language, spoken and understood the whole world over by people in love...Two very special people who meet from either right next door or even as far away as the other side of the world.... It really doesn't matter the situation or circumstances because my love and I; would daily, in some small or great way speak to each other that universal language of our love forever.. Maybe it's here that I'm suppose to give some sort of summation of myself or bore you with the usual laundry list of my likes and dislikes.. Just simply fill in the blank with most of whatever you can think of that guys like to do (most you can include me in on That's Legal and Moral!) Why am I on this site ? you ask; well by now it's pretty clear that I'm searching for the love of my life; my soul mate..The one woman that I can fall, madly. passionately and hopelessly head over heels in love with.. And yes although I know this may sound corny, cliche', predictable and way over used; it's true and I know she's out there SOMEWHERE, hopefully looking for me too .. A mental snapshot of her would be a lovely to me, (of course tall), yes and statuesque woman, of the full figure variety... Ideally between her late twenties to middle thirties, -

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39, male, Single

Marryatville, Australia

hi i am looking for a woman to share my life and experiences with and to grow old with, i chose this site because i am looking for something that i can not find anywhere else and i am hoping that i can find what i am looking for here, i am interested in may things such as philosophy, astrology, anything to do with space and beings from other worlds, i like to collect precious gemstones, i like to go hiking into the mountains to be alone with my thoughts on weekends as well as spending time with my daughter teaching her about forbidden knowledge not taught in any schools or churches. i like to keep fit by training in martial arts and i play basketball, i like to travel to ancient locations around the world and my most recent trip was to south america where i saw machu pichu and other ancient sites and i spent some time in the amazon jungle with a shaman doing spiritual development ceremonies with the assistance of a powerful medicine called ayahuasca. i am a seeker of truth and i want to find a like minded person so i dont feel alone anymore.

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34, male, Single

Fairlawn, United States

My name is markfred ..i'm from BELLEVILLE PA ..i'm single and i am a United of State America Military Officer..i'm 30years old and i'm really seraching for a serious and honest woman who i can build my strong relationship with.i am single and searching that was why i was on that dating site, i am the busy type due to the nature of my job please bear with me, i am stationed at florida but presently on deployed to Sudan ,I like a good wine but dont drink to much. I've been working out more regularily than I had been, and eat healthy food...I don't do drugs, and I like who I am..Although I think a terrific woman would bring out the best in me......I'm a believer in God who pray every blessed day

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