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Dating Prospect cozycook

Pagangan, Philippines

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Tep Pranam, Cambodia

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Depok, Indonesia

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Malangag, Philippines

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Cakung, Indonesia

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Tampan, Indonesia

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Amoros, Philippines

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Gulshan Model Town , Bangladesh

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34, male, Single

Gabut Norte, Philippines

I love singing,thus I learned how to play guitar. I like to cook because I want to make sure everything I eat is healthy food. I love Korean food very much. I love Korean because of their unique culture and very cute eyes. I always pray every night before I sleep and ask sign from the creator of whom will be my partner in life. I don't ask for anything , I only want a woman that I love to be with her till the end.#Forever-exist. I am very funny.

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25, male, Single

Edapal, India

am saki shahh looking for online fun.i lov girls hu com to chat with methose hu want online fun just msg me

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62, male, Divorced

Eindhoven, Netherlands

My achievement with my profession at it's peak means nothing to me until I can find someone to share my dreams and tomorrow with. Over the years friends have done terrible things to me but that's life you know, so I learned my lesson and vowed to stay away from the crowd, be it man or woman. A brand new day is a sign that the past has been buried and it is time to look forward. One closed door makes way for another one to open. Never lose hope so long there's GOD.

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36, female, Single

Bargoed, United Kingdom

hi my name lisa. am 28 yrs old. i live in a shared hous. am very bubbly and chatter box. can handle my self. not afard of any thing am strong minded also been told i can ibe quite powerfull always get wat i want. am very loyal.caring. will help if ican. i lik to go away for quiet weekend away. lov chatting on the phone i just lov everything apart from liars.players.cheaters. and guys who beat there gfs up. this is how people would say i am. am like gordob ramsay in the kitchen and his attuide. am very good at businesses wen my house cant think of anything i com up wit something. am working in the citizen advice bureau hopeing to get a full paid job from it doing admin. am also going to college to do a cartering course i really would like to own my own restruant every where in am very loud and can be hyper sometimes. i can be a mega bitch and stubborn. if i dont like some 1 i wont speak to them.

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43, male, Single

Federal Heights, United States

I love to go on outtings and do thing's with my daughter, family, and friend's. I love and enjoy socializing. I love positive people who throw off positive vibes. I have zero tolerance for disrespectful individual's. I give respect to receive respect. I do to other's what i want done to me. I'm a P.S. I Love You kind of gal. I love creating thing's and building and putting stuff together. Im a very crafty woman. I enjoy com ing meals cleaning washing folding ironing and doing everything needed to keep a house a happy home. I am a realist i love romance and been hoping to find a mature minded man to give me sincere true love. Materialism isnt everything in life to me. Might be for other's, but definitely not me. I'll let you see for yourself what it is I've been waiting so long for. Sign Up - Asia Dating

Dating Prospect yangsiew

Kembangan, Indonesia

Dating Prospect rajahh

Jalan Paya Cengal 26/33, Malaysia

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Duren Sawit, Indonesia

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Shen Zhen Township, China

Dating Prospect faith

Barangay 19 (Pob.), Philippines

Dating Prospect fatemy

Thamaw Chaung, Myanmar

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Calanan, Philippines

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Rawamangun, Indonesia

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Denpasar Selatan, Indonesia

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Jombang, Indonesia

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Klojen, Indonesia

Dating Prospect linckon

Amin Jute Mills, Bangladesh

Dating Prospect ardian0703

Denpasar Barat, Indonesia

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Cabaliwan, Philippines

Dating Prospect affy

Thamaw Chaung, Myanmar

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Belawan II, Indonesia


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