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Plaridel, Philippines

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Denpasar Barat, Indonesia

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Batiocan, Philippines

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Ak Rumduol, Phnom Penh, Dangkao, Cambodia

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Taman Dahlia, Malaysia

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Abiansemal, Bali, Denpasar, Indonesia

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Ko Pa Te, Myanmar

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Sangalang, Philippines

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53, male, In a Relationship

Jindo, Saudi Arabia

My partner,nature good and sweet temper and sweet tooth roll my log and I will roll yours...Hand some is that hand some does. LIFE IS LIKE A BOOK .SOME CHAPTERS ARE SAD,SOME HAPPY AND SOME VERY EXCITING.BUT IF YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THE NEXT CHAPTER HOLDS.

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51, male, Divorced

Rothenfluh, Switzerland

Hello, I have no desire to ever depend only alone. I want out, I want fun, I want to experience what I wanted to experience something, in short: I want to live. Are you feeling exactly the same way? Do not you think we both should do something together? I come there already many great ideas during the presentation. Do you also have ideas? Come from Basel am 42 years when you German and / or English speaking please log in

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41, male, Single

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Find myself a wife that i will love and cherish and who can log me for who i am. Just want some one who can be herself and not a pretender

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44, female, Single

Deora, United States

I am Rosalinda Polido I was born in La puente in the Territory of California , and grew up in a log home still lived in by my parents. After 20 years, I now live and work in both Califoria and North carolina . My early experiences were strongly affected by personal contacts with many people in the diverse community comprising the town and university. I had a strong exposure to both art and artists as well as traditional crafts and Mining diamond . Over several years I’ve covered several hundred miles wrangling horses in the California Range. I started carving in old ivory as a youth, expanded into ice and wood years ago, and more recently have added work in stone and bronze. Through it all there was a strong inspiration from the natural world. The images on this site should give some idea of the range of my work, both as to size and materials as well as subject. It is my intention to use my gift to enrich the lives of those living, memorialize those who have passed, create work that will endure time, and inspire unborn generations.

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28, male, Single

Goundo, Mauritius

Hi,am Bhavish, single.Am very friendly,open minded,nice,kind, helpful and hot tempered. Am here in search of friends. If u like me then add for me. I love making friends.I log in fb, Skype and whatsapp.

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Thamaw Chaung, Myanmar

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Pujon'gangjei-suryokpalchonso, Korea North


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