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Dating Prospect bombastico

Denpasar Barat, Indonesia

Dating Prospect rubbi150

Pujon'gangjei-suryokpalchonso, Korea North

Dating Prospect adz

Malangag, Philippines

Dating Prospect gazzaps

Doun Reach, Cambodia

Dating Prospect cris

Hibucawan, Philippines

Dating Prospect nana

Ch'agong-nyong, Korea North

Dating Prospect rashedmahmud

Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dating Prospect mira123

Jinsha Villages, China

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46, male, Separated

Ozgorus, Kenya

Am planning to link to the outside world by finding a European, American or Asian lady to have family with .

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28, female, Single

Kaysville, United States

Will I ever find a man. In interested in white or Asian Hispanic and European men only.

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61, male, Single

Edmonton, Canada

I like to laugh, cook, walk, ski, camp and play music...especially with other folks. I aspire to be happy and healthy.. I am commited to just being a decent human being... I am searching for a free-spirited, young at heart girl who is interested in living...not just working and making money and buying more "stuff". By living I have an image of a simple life, full of loving and interesting people. A life where imagination and laughter rule the day and peace and contentment are experienced daily. Big on gratitude and compassion. Not big on judgement, yelling, the silent treatment, manhands, cheese, things in the navel, (especially mine) and t.v. Seeking kindred souls who enjoy road trips, days on the mountain, nights at the gig, weeks at the ocean, months without eating crap, movies that trigger the cervical vagus nerve ( it's not what you think! look it up haha) golf, asian foods, racquet sports, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers (if you know who they are your'e probably my soul mate!) golf, bike rides, different cultures, in the shower, and pie.(Off sugar now, boy do I miss pie!!)

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39, female, Single

Aoubellil, Algeria

Like travel. history humain manga and manhwa koreanand asian culture .I hope my soulmate can share at least one of this

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63, male, Single

Gabriels, United States

Happy and adventurous man with a desire to meet a beautiful asian woman to share love dreams and life with.

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Dating Prospect jean

Ko Pa Te, Myanmar

Dating Prospect lidia

Semarang Utara, Indonesia

Dating Prospect aditsaltfish

Bogor Timur, Indonesia

Dating Prospect niken

Taman Dahlia, Malaysia

Dating Prospect hsnz

Thamaw Chaung, Myanmar

Dating Prospect linckon

Amin Jute Mills, Bangladesh

Dating Prospect annetterichards

Tallo, Indonesia

Dating Prospect tin

Baybay, Philippines

Dating Prospect nima

Bapisa, Bhutan

Dating Prospect razzramz

Kebayoran Baru, Indonesia

Dating Prospect jhen

Molugan, Philippines

Dating Prospect gautam001

Thamaw Chaung, Myanmar

Dating Prospect robenglish

Dauh Puri, Indonesia

Dating Prospect tata

Central Manila, National Capital Region (NCR), Philippines

Dating Prospect jazzy

Butao, Philippines

Dating Prospect dean420

Kdeang, Cambodia


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