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Jalan Ipoh Batu 11 hingga Batu 15, Malaysia

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Ugbon, Philippines

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27, female, Single

Uttony Magheraveely, United Kingdom

I am a very versatile person who has varied interests. I like learning about almost anything. I like reading, tv, movies, chess, music, volleyball, bowling, badminton,hockey, and a few others as well. I used to be a dj for many years also and I like pretty much most styles of music.Sleeping to me is a waste of time as there is too much to do, to read, to learn in only one lifetime but the body has to rest sometimes I guess. lol But I do try to catch up on some sleep sometimes since we all need it whether we want it or not.Lost 2 mothers and a father already and still have one father yet. Try to enjoy the time you can have with your parents as you never know when they will be gone.Work keeps me quite busy but I always seem to find some extra time for my friends. online or in real life. I love to have friends from all over the world to learn more about the world and my friends' cultures and countries. Looking for a long lasting friend to be there for you for a long time

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62, male, Divorced

Thomasville, United States

I am down to earth, loyal, understanding, trustworthy, introvert and extrovert in nature, unconditional lover, honesty is my legacy and truth is my shield. I am not temperamental and i try to make sure that i listen a lot. I'm sometimes shy but feel the grove when time comes.Guys always seem to wonder what it takes to get a girl. Like, what do they have to do to make a girl notice them? Guys have to realize that they have to be sweet, caring, gentle, honest and still have that sweet little thing about them that drives any girl crazy: and that's reaching her heart. No matter how much you try, if you don't reach her heart, it won't ever be worth-while.... Who shall say that the maiden so pretty and fair shall always have the greater man; and the ogre who walks to the beat of thundering clouds will never find her prince?”. You know when you're truly in love, when all you can do is just be speechless and stare at nothing because you're just amazed that you just found this incredible person.I love reading a lot and i'm interested in watching news. I love surfing the internet and sometimes love shopping both online or going to the mall to have some good clothes. I love music and i love going to swim. I play golf, soccer and also love playing pool. Going to concert and cinemas.

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48, male, Single

Karoro, New Zealand

I'm a born kiwi and I've been living Wellington almost three and a half years ago. I moved here for work, fell in love with the place and have decided to stay for now. I've travelled quite a bit and lived in Europe for three years. I'm trying the online thing to meet people outside of my usual day to day life, maybe even outside of New Zealand. I'm hoping that in the process of meeting different people I might just find someone that I have a bit of chemistry with and someone that wants to start a life and an adventure with me. I'm not really into listing a bunch of preferences. I prefer to meet people either online or in person and see how things go. I'm sure I'll know what I'm looking for if I stumble upon you. But if you like to get out and about for some fresh air and exercise as well as the odd lazy day in then that's a good start.

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37, female, Single

Zichen-Zussen-Bolder, Belgium

I am strong and independent and no matter how bad things get i am always looking for that silver lining.I still believe in truelove and I believe that life is magical and i don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m very spontaneous and adventurous and I love the outdoors. I believe strongly in family and celebrating tradition. I am online with the hope to find a man with a big big question for you have a big heart?

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57, male, Single

Franklinton, United States

My name is Micheal i am new to online dating scene and i still dont know much about it and i will like if you can contact me so we can learn more about each other.

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